IVTS Hotel

Excellency services for the hospitality industry


In the present days, hotel guests are sophisticated and demanding. Meeting their needs can be a daunting and challenging task.

The EasyLynq IVTS Hotel system is specifically tailored for hospitality usage. With an extremely easy configuration and high reliability, it allows any kind of property, regardless its dimension, to offer profitable services at a low cost investment.

Available in several configurations, from 20 to 2000 rooms, SIP connectivity and multiple language support, the EasyLynq IVTS Hotel is the solution to meet the requirements of every kind of hotels world wide.

EasyLynq IVTS Hotel includes voice mail functions, room-status, minibar and laundry accounting, automatic wake-up management and fully integrates with EasyLynq Hotel to keep staff's interaction to the minimum. The base system also includes premium services like voice mail to e-mail, instant messaging notifications and Text-To-Speech capabilities.

EasyLynq IVTS Hotel also allows combining all these advantages with BYOD services, IVR for incoming calls and the XML phone applications service, enabling the provision of useful information on stocks, weather, airports, trains, etc., in the display of the phone sets.


Main features:

  • Voice mailboxes for guests and staff
  • Caller ID saved with messages
  • Call return from message
  • User greetings for absent, busy and unavailable messages
  • E-mail user with voice mail attached file
  • Instant messaging notification of new voice messages (requires external equipment)
  • Text-To-Speech
  • Real-time display of calls in progress
  • Wake-up with snooze capability
  • Reminders for staff
  • Room-status
  • Minibar and laundry posting, with interactive voice response for easy validation of the articles
  • Validation codes for housekeeping staff
  • Supported languages: English, French, German, Dutch, Portuguese (Portugal and Brazil), Spanish, Italian and Turkish

Optional features: