Voice recording solution for VoIP telephony

EasyLynq Voqqale is a state-of-the-art software-based voice recording solution for VoIP telephony networks, compatible with all major IP PBXs and voice servers.

Suitable for small-to-medium business, EasyLynq Voqqale requires no external hardware or expensive telephony equipment. It can record outgoing, incoming and internal calls, either automatically or on demand, based on custom recording rules such as direction and numbering plans.

EasyLynq Voqqale provides comprehensive standard reports with advanced search-and-replay, customized evaluation forms and call rating, live call monitoring/playback through standard computer speakers and configuration of multiple users and groups with selective access to the database. Recorded calls are encrypted to ensure the integrity of access to sensitive recordings and information profiles.

EasyLynq Voqqale helps companies to achieve higher levels of customer satisfaction and enhances productivity by accelerating employee training.


Main features:
  • Two operation modes: Passive (Port Sniffing) and 3-Way Conference, including Cisco Built-in-Bridge, SIPREC and Altice GlobalConnect
  • Compatible with major IP PBXs and voice servers
  • Full-time and on-demand recording
  • Several user profiles allow assigning permissions for monitoring, recording and playback
  • Multiple groups of agents
  • Live call monitoring
  • Real-time display of calls in progress
  • Detailed information collected and stored for each recorded call: start date and time, duration, agent ID and group, external caller ID and number, keyed digits and evaluation data
  • Customizable questionnaires allow managers to evaluate their agents performance on a per-call basis
  • Export/e-mail of call recordings and reports in a variety of file formats
  • Web interface
  • MiFID II compliant